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      ATC 19      

Workshop on Geo Engineering for Conservation of Cultural Heritage Paris, September 6th 2013 – Conference Room VI, UNESCO palace

by ATC19 and World Heritage Center [Asian Regional Technical Committee for Cultural Heritage and Historical Site]

Scope and Aims of Workshop:

Geotechnical Engineering is one of the fundamental and important fields for Conservation of Cultural Heritage At the same time, conservation needs interdisciplinary approach from such various fields of geology, geomorphology, archaeology, geophysics, geochemistry, and conservator The Workshop provided a good chance for researchers in different fields to get together at one place to and to exchange experiences and new understandings.

ATC 19

  • Reconstitution of Foundation Platform of Prasat Suor Prat by Compaction of Original Soil with Slaked Lime, Angkor Ruins, Cambodia: Y.Akazawa, M.Fukuda, Y.Iwasaki, J.Nakazawa

  • Conservation of St. John’s Church of Tartu, Estonia, by drilled Spiral Piles: K.C.Avellan

  • Florence and Its Floods: anatomy of a hazard: M.Coli, M.Brugioni, G.Montini

  • The Dome of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence: Historical, geotechnical and structural studies for its conservation: M.Coli, E.Marchetti, M.Ripepe, C.Blasi, F.Ottoni, G.Bartoli, M.Betti

  • Dismantling for Reconstitution of N1 Tower of Prasat Suor Prat, Angkor Thom, Cambodia: Y.Iwasaki

  • Characteristic Elements of Authenticity of Heritage and Integrity in Geotechnical Engineering: Y.Iwasaki

  • World Heritage in Danger in Asian and Pacific Region: F.Jing

  • Moisture Condition with Salinity in the Ground behind the Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes, China: K.Koizumu, K.Oda, M.Ito, C.Tanimoto, Y.Iwasaki, M.Yoshimura, C.Piao,, Q.Guo, S.Yang

  • Geotechnical Behaviors of Historic Buildings: M.Mets, J.Mussatova, R.Raudsepp, V.Pallev

  • Geotechnical Intervention techniques in the preservation of monuments: O.Shelley

  • Characterization of Geotechnical Properties for Reconstitution of Archaeological Excavations - Case Study of Higashinomiya Tumulus (Japan): M.Sawada, M.Mimura

  • Current state of the Borobudur after 30 years of Restoration, Investigation and Further Intervention Recommendations: I.Shimoda

  • Effect of Changes of Geological Environment on Architectural Monuments Integrity and Its Remedies: A.Zhussupbekov

  • Programm WS ATC19, 18th ICSMGE, Paris