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Antinoopolis (Egypt) was founded in the year 130 A.D. by the Roman Emperor Hadrian, and it was a florid town until the VII century. At Antinoopolis the Istituto Papirologico “Girolamo Vitelli”, University of Firenze, has been carrying out archaeological excavations and researches since 1938. In the last decade a new interest in the study of Antinoopolis, led to begin researches on the activities in the surrounding country related to the presence of the town. In this context, the presence of many quarries represents the remains of an outstanding activity, and their study allows to recover to knowledge their cultural importance as well as their historical-artistic and economic value. Quarries are valuable document of the past preserveing traces and the original documents of man’s activity.

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The Auntinopolis foundation

Prof. Geol. Massimo Coli
Dr.Geol.G.Pini & Dr.Geol. M.Baldi
Dip. Scienze della Terra – UNIFI
Papirologycal Institute "G.Vitelli"