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Via Hadrinaaa

The Emperor Hadrian after the settlement of Antinoopolis (130 A.D.) decided to directly connect the new city with the Red Sea harbours and Berenike by leading a new road across the eastern desert: the Via Hadriana, it was finished in 137 AD. Traces of the Via Hadriana were recorded by many Authors along the Red Sea, but rare explorations were done on the west-east stretch between Antinoopolis and the coast. In the last years Antinoopolis has been also studied as the core of a territory with which the town was in a strict relationship, in this view the Via Hadriana represents its link to the Read Sea and the main overseas oriental markets. Our filed survey led to recognize and trace the exact path of the Via Hadriana in this segment by means of a GPS and to report it on Google Earth®.

Via Hadriana
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Prof. Geol. Massimo Coli
Prof.Gloria Rosati
Dip. Scienze della Terra – UNIFI
Papirologycal Institute "G.Vitelli"
Dr.Geol. Michele Baldi
Dr.Julie Marchand
Prof.Marcello Spanu
Dr.James Heidel