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W. Hammamat

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  • In the Wadi Hammamat (Valley of the baths), along the modern Qift-Quseir road (Egypt), many traces of the Egyptian and Roman mine and quarry exploitation activity are preserved. Quarrying and mining remains represent “landscape archives” which preserve traces of man’s activity and of the development of techniques in this territory. A survey of the area was carried out in January 2008 with the backing of Egyptian authorities, the aim of the study was to outline the geological framework, the exploitation techniques, the work organization and the general social and economic context in which they occurred with reference to the Predynastic period, the Old and Middle Kingdom, and the Roman age until the Byzantine period. The study highlight the role played by the geological setting in providing materials and driving the extraction techniques, both in the Pharaonic and Roman periods.

    Wadi Hammamat
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    Prof. Geol. Massimo Coli
    Prof.Gloria Rosati
    Dr.Chim. Gianna Giachi
    Dr. Abdou Abd Ellah Omran Daoud Elderby